Welcome to FootCal!

This app lets you add the games of your favorite team (or competition) to your personal calendar.

Team Calendars

You can find the team calendars already created in the table below:
Team Name Team ID Calendar URL
Atletico Nacional 1137 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/1137
Atletico-MG 1062 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/1062
Chelsea 49 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/49
Coquimbo Unido 2330 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/2330
FC Fleury 91 W 1677 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/1677
Fluminense 124 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/124
Incheon United 2763 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/2763
Indy Eleven 3996 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/3996
Inter Miami 9568 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/9568
Junior 1135 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/1135
Kashiwa Reysol 281 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/281
Lille 79 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/79
Manchester City 50 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/50
Manchester United 33 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/33
Sao Paulo 126 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/126
Sloboda Uzice 2641 https://footcal.cbdm.app/team/2641
If you need an ID for a different team, you can try going to /search.

Competition Calendars

NEW: Competition calendars have been implemented!

You can find the competition calendars already created in the table below:
Competition Name Competition ID Calendar URL
CONMEBOL Libertadores 13 https://footcal.cbdm.app/comp/13
UEFA Champions League 2 https://footcal.cbdm.app/comp/2
If you need an ID for a different competition, you can try going to /search-comp.